Apple HomeKit Integration


I’ve got devices’ on/off states to show up in the Apple Home app (as occupancy sensors), but I can’t get live usage numbers to populate (ie - Energy Production vs. Energy Usage). Has anyone been able to do this?


Are you using something like HomeBridge to link Sense polling to HomeKit ? I don’t think there are any HomeKit device types that report power consumption. My HomeKit enabled Eve Energy actually measures power but does not report via HomeKit, only the Eve app. Hue lights only report %.


Yes, I’m using Home Assistant ( run in Python on a Mac Mini. It is picking up the on/off state as a binary sensor, but I too have been unsuccessful in getting actual numbers to show up. I know, it’s a shortcoming in the current version of Homekit, but I though maybe someone might have developed a work-around :wink:


Glad you posted this over here! That was me on Facebook who responded. :wink:

As @kevin1 noted, I think it’s just a (unfortunate) limitation of Homekit at this time. I have a few Eve Energy plugs and, yup, no wattage info in Homekit.

This is the first I’ve seen of a Homekit connection though! I’m a big Homekit user myself, so it’s pretty exciting. Can the on/off events trigger events as if they were actual sensors?


Well, Home Assistant is picking up the variable data from Sense and is picking up individual recognized devices on/off states as binary sensors.

I use the Home Assistant HomeKit component to bring that data into the Apple Home app. However, it is only bringing in the on/off state data and not the variable data such as Energy Production and Energy Usage (as pictured in the original post).


Yes … exactly the same way as time-based automation works in the Home app. Ie - Sense senses that the hot tub jets turn on and the Home app can automatically set the deck lights to 50%. This already works …

Also, I can ask Siri the state of “Motor 1” (Sense recognized device) and she will tell me …

Ultimately, I would like two little tiles in my Home app that show Energy Production and Energy Usage and that update every minute or so … so that I can glance at my favorites screen and see what is happening.