Devices as Sensors in HomeAssistant

I’ve updated the Home Assistant component for Sense - should be available in version 0.82, or if you want to manually install it now, just download the files from the pull request.

The new one allows you to create binary sensors for devices detected by Sense.

One example automation I have created for this is when the TV changes to state “off” and it’s after 8PM, the bedroom lights should turn on to “bed time mode”.


That’s awesome. Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice! I had mocked up something similar to tie it into text-to-speech, but never pushed it all the way through. Great work!

Thank you for all of your work! Mine is up and running.

To be clear, all of the sensors come in with simple on/off data and ignor power usage, correct?

Yes, what Home Assistant calls binary sensors are on/off only, whereas the ones with values are just called sensors. You might be able to make sensors as well, but the sample rate might be an issue.