Arbitrary device groups


There have been various topics on device grouping and tagging (such as by location). This request is a generalization of those topics.

I think it would be useful to arbitrarily group a set of devices while maintaining them individually. This is different from the existing merge facility.

For example I might like to have aggregated statistics for lighting, or cooking, laundry, or heating (which might be comprised of a furnace and a few space heaters).

The same device might be in several orthogonal groups. For example, a computer in the kid’s room might be both in the electronics group and the kids group.

For the graphics people on your team, this would allow them to create interesting tree maps so that people can understand their utilization in different dimensions.


You could also use hierarchical tagging like Gmail does with message labels but I’ve found that it is hard to create a user interface that manages hierarchies that doesn’t confuse some people. Maybe keep it as simple as possible initially.


Thanks for the suggestion! ‘Groups’ are something we’ve looked at and do plan on implementing in the future.