Best Sense review (written by a Member here)


I was looking for things to read about Sense and came across what I feel is the best review I have seen.
One of the moderators here, @frankwin.hooglander wrote it on his home automation blog a little before he was a moderator and was a regular user at the time.
If I had to recommend a review to someone unfamiliar with Sense, this is where I would send them.
When you load the page, scroll down a bit to the January 17th post.

His review of Sense is a very small piece of the wealth of information he provides.
I especially liked where he confirmed my thoughts that the CT’s only do part of the readings. He also provides a detailed timeline of his detections in his first four months.
It is missing a little of the critical eye but there is nothing dishonest or misleading in any way.


Yeah, it’s a really good one.

This one also came in recently and it’s pretty great (by great, I mean honest and balanced):

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