Best way to handle two separate electrical panels

I have small electrical panel on the outside of my home adjacent to the electric meter. It is connected to a heat pump (outside unit only) and then to the main panel in the house. The distance is about 20’. The Sense is in the panel inside of the house so it cannot monitor the heat pump in the first panel. Any ideas on how to monitor this?

The reason for the 1st panel being outside is that an addition was placed on the house that required the electric meter be moved, which was when the “new” main panel was added next to the meter. I never questioned it, but should have.

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Buy some flex sensors with extension cables. The make them up to 40 feet.



  • Buy the extension cables
  • Leave Sense module in the sub panel electrical (in the house)
  • Route them from the sub panel (in house) to the main panel (outside)
  • Connect the current sensors to the extensions and around the mains

This would then pickup the heat pump unit in main panel (outside) and all other circuits in the sub panel.

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