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Hello everyone! My house has a main panel outside the home that has all of the “big” electrical devices such as the pool, septic, AC units, furnace, oven, and water heater. And then has a subpanel breaker that feeds two sub panels in the garage. These panels have the other smaller things in the house such as the outlets/rooms and multiple 120-voltbreakers. It does have one 240 volt breaker in the sub panel that feeds and additional sub panel for the upstairs so the sense could be installed here.

My question is where should the sense monitoring system go? If it’s on the very main panel, will it still be able to detect all of the 120 volt single pole breakers common outlets, appliances etc? Or should I put it on the main sub panel in the garage?

Thank you!!


Install your Sense on the main panel. It will see everything “downstream” - including your subpanels. Just ensure to place the sensors on the main feed into the main panel.

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Just FYI - all the activity that happens in the 120V single breakers will show up in the main panel main feeds.

Here’s my experience with a similar setup that may or may not help you