Outdoor Main Panel + Basement Subpanel Box

Installed my Sense about a month ago. I knew I had a main panel on the outside of the house with breakers for my hot tub and electric vehicle (EV) charger. The rest is in a 200A sub-panel that services the rest of the house. I installed Sense in my main panel so I could capture EVERYTHING, but am realizing its missing the EV and Hot Tub. Looking closer, it looks like the input to this box is above (in the meter area) which is not user accessible. Then there’s the main breaker, and then my 3 circuit breakers (100A EV, 60A Hot-Tub, and 20A sense breaker). My clamps are downstream of that on two mains that appear to go inside the house to the sub-panel.

How do I fix this so I can get everything? Where can I put the clamps to get the full picture?

You’ll probably need to do what I had to do. Carefully, have an electrician pop the seal on the meter side of your load center. Put the clamps around the pre-meter mains. Drill a small hole from your meter side to the main breakers side so you can feed the leads to your Sense inside the main box.

Here’s what I had to do to make my setup work for both 200A subpanels.

if it makes you feel any better, numerous people have had to violate the sanctity of the meter box in order to do the same. Our northern CA utility actually did the “install” on the meter side for one guy here on the forum.