Beta for the sensitive... err chosen ones


Just thinking out loud - maybe Sense should establish a Beta program geared towards the sleuths and home- aware among us. I understand that Sense likes to have certain degree of certainly before it tells you “new device found”- goes towards user experience no doubt.

However, for the few of us who know their homes well (or we think we do- raise your hand?) maybe Sense can turn up the sensitivity of machine learning/ backend data mining algorithms so Sense is a bit more vocal on our setups. Maybe something along the lines "Sense found a device, but we have no idea what it is… maybe the average user doesnt know what is in their air handler, but some us know there is a blower motor, an igniter, exhaust motor, maybe a stage or two electric heat, etc… and those of us will be able to determine what that “low confidence”, “high noise”, “low resolution” device is

So my question is - is the algorithm muted by default to reduce false positives, or can it be “turned up” to increase sensitivity at the cost of precision?

Just a random thought.

Thank you


I suggested this in another response elsewhere as well, although as with much of the learning process I’m sure there’s a reason why this isn’t perhaps a viable solution.

But if it is, sign me up. I’m all for sleuthing something something with a (say, for example) 25% guess vs the ~/>75% guess or virtual confirmation that Sense seems to be utilizing now.


I think this is key here. You can imagine the frustration for some users if Sense threw out a first guess every time anything cycled in the home. We face a tough challenge of balancing precision and detection speed. I do like the idea of some sort of Beta group along these lines (we do have an app Beta group by the way…message me if you’re interested) or even user-facing options in the app to adjust sensitivity, but both require a fair amount of resources and resources are rarely in surplus. Still, it’s a good idea and I’m looking forward to hearing what others here have to say.


PM’ing you Ryan, I’m a beta tester for both Google and Waze, I’d be interested in joining this as well.


I’d be interested in such an option


I’d be interested in participating as well.


You have some good people in the Beta group…put them to work and bring in some more thinkers…


I’d be interested as well.