Billing start date higher than 28th

Is anyone able to properly set a billing start date of a day higher than 28 in either the app or website ?

For the app, the highest I can go is 28. For the website I can only enter a single digits (1-9).

For Web, what browser are you using? You should be able to input two digits into that field. I just verified as much in Chrome and Safari.

For mobile, we haven’t actually come across a billing start date beyond the 28th. What is yours? How does it change for Feb/March?

Chrome. 30th day. For Feb it just falls back to 28th.

For the Chrome issue, could you write into Support? I cannot reproduce here. Of course, you can try the “usual” simple fixes of refreshing, logging out/in, and clearing your cache first.

As for the billing start date addition, allowing dates past the 28th will require some additional calendar logic and truly we have not run into the need to do so before. I’ll pass the request along to the team though.

Hi I am Terry and new to Sense. I just installed it to day, very easy. My billing cycle last month started the 29th and other months on the 30th and 31st but the app only has 28 days.

Update…my bad, I was looking at the gas bill not electric :frowning:

Same issue. From either Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera & the iOS app. The highest date you can pick is the 28th. My billing cycle starts on the 30th. When I manually enter that date in the Web App, It defaults to 28 after hitting save. If i attempt from the iOS the rotary selector stops at 28.

Am I missing something? How do I select the 30th?

See my reply above:

So far there have only been a couple cases of this needing support, so it has not been prioritized. I’ll bring it up again however.

We want to take a closer look at this.

If you have a billing start date after the 28th, please reach out to me.

I’m out of town for a little but should be able to look when I return. For dates after the the 28th it’s always just been like (30th or last date of month) 31st or last date of month). I remembered after last bringing this up looking at what my bills were and thinking what the hell… As far as programming it would go.

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