Bulb Wattage Check

My LED can lamps have never been detected in the 4-5 years of having sense. I get that LED are small and hard to find.

So the new bulb wattage part of the app came out, so I gave it a try:

  1. Office with 4 LED can lamps - showed 34W – OK thats good
  2. Bathroom with 3 LED bulbs in a fixture – I tried 4 times and got 4 different results: 134W 116W 110W 127W I would expect this value to be MUCH lower. Any thoughts?


Some bulbs have technical data printed right on them, as illustrated in the link below. Check your bathroom bulbs for such information, because all four of your measurements are larger than expected for LED technology.

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@deputypaulatl ,
You might want to try WattChecker again. Sense quietly released an updated WattChecker this past week that includes more device type options. Worked better on in-fan fluorescent bulbs for me.

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I would certainly be interested in hearing what folks are seeing with the new Watt Check and if anyone has found anything specifically interesting or useful with it!

I must be dense but I cannot find this. Where is this feature?

Start in the WattChecker panel/button in the Dashboard of the app (not the web app), where the previous version lived. The device type selection menu pops up before measuring sequence.

I must be even denser. I have no such button in the dashboard. I am talking about the sense app on both iPhone or iPad. Is this perhaps an Android only function, or what is going on??

@dolfs , on my iPad, it’s below the Compare panel.

I tried to make some screenshots and when I try to perform a measurement:

I hit “I’m Ready” and …

This is on the android app version 2024.3 build 4324

Yep, it is confirmed. Brain fail. Found it now

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Maybe @BeccaAtSense can look into possible issues. Haven’t see this happen on iOS.

Just curious, what devices are you trying to measure? This may provide some helpful insight into knowing why this might’ve happened.


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It doesn’t matter what I was trying to measure.
It never got to the countdown where I could switch it on.

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Sorry, I misunderstood. Are you continuing to have issues with Wattcheck? Or was this just an issue you reported as it happened and only happens 1 - intermittently?

It is possible that if the house is particularly noisy at the moment, the watt check may not work. This is because if you look at the power meter, the line needs to be relatively flat and calm for Wattcheck to be able to work. Let me know if you want me to look further into this for you.

I’ll also ask around and see if I can get some answers if this is consistently happening to you.


Yes, it won’t work on my android phone.

My old phone (broken glass) with older version of android, WiFi only, no SIM card, works great with this feature.

The sense app is complaining it can not reach “our system”
Whatever that means
Is it my local sense box?
Or your system at the cloud?

My current phone (android 13) with Sense app 2024.3 build 4324 is not working 100% of the time at the moment, but only the watt measure function, the rest is working as expected.

Switch to my old phone and the watt measure function works.
Old phone: Android 11 , Sense app same version as the non working version mentioned above.

You tell me what is wrong and how to debug


Try logging out and logging back in again and then trying again. We have had another issue where, basically, the system refused to work until the user did that.

If that doesn’t work, log out, delete your Sense app, re-download it, log in, and then confirm.

If you’ve already tried all these things, I’m sorry.

If you’re still having the issue after that, let me know, and I’ll report it as a legit bug. You’ll probably hear more from me as I’ll need to do some follow-up due diligence.

If logging out and logging in works, I’ll still let them know that there’s a potential problem. It’s just a question of whether there’s a workaround or if you’re stuck with it.

Had already tried that, same result (not working)

I had stopped the app, go into settings → app → recent → sense

I then cleared “storage”

Imo, that is as much the same as re-installing.
Still the same (not working)

So this time I followed your advice:
Un-installed app, installed app, logged in : Still the same (not working)

Please open report and let me know how I can help top to debug

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