"Bubble building in progress." in android app (Wiser Edition)

Good afternoon all, My name is Jeremy and I am very new here. I actually have the Square D branded system (Wiser Energy Monitor) since I stumbled across it on sale from my local Home Depot. I really hope this community can provide some support and assistance as I believe this utilizes the same re-branded hardware and same app with a visual look difference.

Anyway, I have had my system installed for almost 3 full days now and the “Now” page of the app still shows grayed out bubbles with message “Bubble building in progress” and no wattage information. I assumed the bubble view would be functioning by this point (it works on the sense web app). It has separated out my “Always On” and “Other” categories but no other devices yet (I am aware additional devices may be several days or weeks out).

Is this expected until more devices are found? Did anyone else experience this or is it possibly an issue in the sense app when it gets a visual makeover by Schneider/Square D? (FYI to anyone who doesn’t know, it is the same exact app that gets downloaded but changes over when the serial/model number are recognized as Schneider)

Thanks in advance!

Hey there @jben.07, welcome to the Sense community!

Funny enough, I actually just had my Sense monitor installed in the last week and had my “Bubble building in progress” notification up for three days or so as well. I noticed a little bit of latency between the bubbles displaying in the app and in the Web App. I had the same scenario with my “Always On” and “Other” bubbles. I found that getting a few Smart Plugs that integrate with Sense helped me identify a few devices almost immediately.

Yes, this is expected until Sense can detect some of the patterns in the energy signatures of the devices within your home. If you’re still experiencing issues in a week or so, send me over a PM and we can connect you with Support to take a deeper look.

Thanks for the info, sense just found my first 4 devices overnight! A little bit of mislabelling but I’ve managed to get that straightened out.

Anyway, the bubbles are functioning now that devices were found. I am having a lot of fun watching this device learning and monitoring my homes energy usage!