"Bubble Building in Progress" on Android Power Monitor

Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue or not. I have had my Sense monitor installed about a year. While it typically works great, there have been a few instances this summer when my Sense app would return to “Bubble building in progress”. The energy continues to be monitored and displayed in the corner of the display, detected device on/off states are monitored, and trending continues to be accurate (mains voltage & wattage is measured and updates in the app).

I typically wait a few days to see if the issue sorts itself out before having to resort to power cycling the Sense module. It is doing it again this week (has been in this state for 3+ days). Restarting the phone doesn’t have any improvement. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same? Is there any way I can correct this? Thank you very much for any help you can offer!

**Update: Checked with my iPhone, communicating with the same sense Module, and the bubbles work on on iOS device…)

Relevant troubleshooting info:
Phone: OnePlus 6T
Platform: Android (Oxygen OS 10.3.5)
Sense Monitor App version: 32.3 (auto-updated Aug 17, 2020)

Sense version: 32.3-f70eae5 (1.30.2841-e4234bfb-master)
Build: 1191

@ac.mackenzie11 Thanks for sharing. If you haven’t power cycled your monitor already, please hold off on doing so. This looks like a bug that we’d like to observe to better diagnose.

  • You mention power cycling your monitor to fix this issue. Does power cycling fix the issue when you’ve done it in the past?

  • Can you give permission for us to have Support look at your monitor?

Hi @JustinAtSense,

Thank you for getting back to me! In the past, power cycling the monitor has restored the bubbles, although I can’t assure it has worked everytime. I have not power-cycled in an effort to maintain this condition.

I welcome any help Support can offer. If there is anything they need me to do (or any info required), please have them reach out!

Of course. For the benefit of our Support team, it would be great if you submitted a Support ticket to help us keep track of this issue via support@sense.com. You can share the same exact information you’ve shared here.

Our support/engineering team is taking a look at this in the meantime and I will update here with any notes they share.

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