Can Power Factor of devices be determined?


I don’t know if it’s possible to determine the Power Factor of individual devices or of the entire house, but if possible, this might be a nice to add at either or both levels.


With the sample rate of the sense monitor the measurement of power factor should be possible. It would be a useful value to show on the sense monitor details where L1, L2 power and voltage levels are shown. I would add the power factor should include sign so it can be identified as lagging or leading and show it in both signed value and the degrees of shift. I expect power factor or phase angle is a useful parameter to help identify the devices as well. I have noticed the Sense monitor can see a resistive device when the high power factor heat pump is off but when the heat pump is on the resistive device isn’t recognized. Maybe with more time it will recognize the resistive device turn on / off with inductive load or power factor present.