Can Solar Sensors be used for DCM (dedicated circuit monitoring)?

How is it different? I recently installed the “solar” model in my main panel and used the “solar” connectors and port to monitor my workshop breaker in the main panel… i’ve got some strange data.
Workshop seems to be using more power than main house even though the central air is running in main.
Previous to setting the “dedicated circuit” up, main panel was showing near 7k.

Welcome @lawrence.naquin,
I think the Sense solar sensors are materially the same as the Flex Sensors that can be used for both solar and DCM (dedicated circuit monitoring). One thing that is not clear from your posting is whether you actually have solar or not. If you do have solar panels and you redeployed your solar Sensors to do DCM, you are going to see a daytime drop in your “Total Usage” since you pulled out your solar contribution.

No Solar.
I have a workshop where i run my business out of… trying to see how much power is being used there and what its costing me. Servers, AC, etc.
It seems the Bubbles have somewhat normalized… not sure if its correct though. Maybe I gotta give its sometime to sort things out.
Just connected it today… was running it in the subpanel in the workshop for few days, reset it and moved it into the main panel.
I’ll give it 48 hours to see if it normalizes.

With solar, your DCM measurements should never exceed your Total Usage, unless your mains CTs are measuring something other than your total incoming energy (have seen people accidentally place them on a sub panel). But it is a good idea to wait 48 hours with a stable setup, especially when looking at the bubbles, because Always On takes about 48 hours to get a reasonable measurement, and Always On affects the size of Other.