Can’t figure this device out

I can’t figure this device out. It runs a large portion of the day at around 8-12 watts. It has huge spikes up to exactly 200 watts and then goes back to the lower watt range. Sometimes it’s completely off. I have tried everything I can think of. Any ideas? Is it weird it hits exactly 200 watts each time?

Is it only running during dark hours? Does it only run while you are at home? That low of wattage seems almost like a charger of some sort, laptop maybe. Totally a guess.

It is most likely a motor or coffee maker. Mother had her Keurig on 24X7; I picked that little piggy up. Set the Keurig to go standby after one hour of idle.

@billlokey I was thinking along the same lines.

@kenburgess - What are the chances you work an 8-5 job? Look at something that you maybe take to work with you?

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  • What name does Sense give to it?

  • More hints would come from a closer zoom into an individual cycle.

  • How long do the 200w spikes go for.

  • The “flat top” waveform in the lower wattage region is also interesting … Sense likely deciding that that is the “average” usage at that point.

  • Has it been running long enough that you have some Device stats?

Sense merged this “light” with my wine fridge. Does that seem right?