Can users submit less common appliances?


I have an electric wood splitter that I use. It’s very good for my application. I am extremely curious how much it costs me to run it. It’s rating is 5-7 tons and it uses every bit of a 15A receptacle.

I see the product wishlist being suggested and I’ll check that out as well.


What would you submit ? How would that help ? Sense pretty much uses AI/machine learning to detect/identify devices, so there’s no really human intervention. If you want to know how much energy your splitter is using and you want Sense to learn your splitter eventually, the quickest and best thing you can do is hook your splitter to an 15$ HS110. It is rated to handle all of 15A. Then again, Sense tends to find big electric motors fairly quickly as well.


When you hook something up with the HS110 to learn, can you then remove it without losing detection?
You see where I’m going. Use one to learn many


Best to read the entire smart plug FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), linked below. Bottom line is that you can’t use one smartplug to learn many today.

Will Sense remember my devices if I remove them from the smart plug?
We are not yet training your Sense monitor to recognize the plugged-in device in the absence of the smart plug. Therefore, for the best experience, we recommend that you set up your smart plug to monitor a device or set of devices, and then leaving it in place. That said, the new data collected by smart plugs will be of great benefit to our Data Science team in improving our device models and detection. With this in mind, we hope to utilize them towards implementing such a training feature in the future


Thank you, I had already read that.
I asked because their “official” statements
Don’t always line up with real world experiences.
They usually overstate capabilities. I hoped they
We’re understating this one.



Appreciate the response. I didn’t know if you guys gave Sense a
proclivity to identify common appliances over uncommon ones.

So I suspect you’re saying that if I had a table saw or drill
press, Sense would eventually identify an unknown device and I would name it.

If I understand the principle of the HS110, is that it would
transmit data to Sense. I suspect Sense will still have a hard time
identifying it because a normal usage pattern would be one, two, or three days
of a four hour shift. That might happen for two weeks and then no usage for
months. So total hours per year would be very small compared to normal






One last quick question. Is it feasible to hook an AC strip to
the HS110 and then see the performance of the connected devices? In this case
it would be pro audio gear and I seriously doubt Sense has much accumulated
data on preamps, eqs, compressors and various AD/DA devices.





I have my AV system (AV Receiver, video sources, Sonos’) on an outlet strip connected to an HS110 for that precise reason. Here’s what typical video watching looks like. I’m guessing your gear will eat more power. Just be sure you stay below 15A :slight_smile:



Although a HS110 will provide immediate results, I would expect Sense to be able to find the wood splitter given enough cycles. A big inductive motor load should be easy for Sense to pick out.


My experience has been that Sense identifications are somewhat hit or miss. As @pswired suggests, big inductive (motor) loads tend to be discovered quickly. Sense found a twice-borrowed neighbor’s powerwasher, but had a tough time finding a more regularly used miter saw in my house.


I borrowed a friends big mitre saw for a recent bathroom reno and Sense picked up on it inside a week.

So yes, YMMV.