Can you unmerge automatically merged devices ?

I used to have two devices ac upstairs and ac downstairs that tracked my two ac units. They were automatically merged yesterday and I don’t see anyway to undo it. I liked having them separate as it was useful to see which ac was on and to track independent costs. Also the merging seems to have messed up the cost tracking as if I switch to a yearly graph I only see this month now.

How were they automatically merged?

I’ve only seen manual merge :man_shrugging:t3:

Hi @dgcooper - sorry for the delay on a response!

At this time, there is no way to unmerge an automatic merge. Support cannot make this change either.

One of our earlier updates this year should be reducing the number of erroneous auto-combines, which can happen when Sense evolves the device model due to some level of correlation between the two devices’ behavior or usage (not a data scientist, though, so this methodology could be off slightly.)

We are tracking this issue as we see it, though. Have you already submitted a support ticket so we can track this issue?

See here: Device Detection Improvements | April 2021