Can't figure out what Fridge 2 is



I’ve got a “Fridge 2” device showing up that I can’t identify. I’ve got a main circuit breaker box and a sub panel. It was easy to eliminate Fridge 2 from the sub panel.

Fridge 2 seems to come on a random times and can be on for an hour or more. The thing is it’s only 50 watts. I’ve attached a screen shot of the Trends and Power Meter plots. As you can see there is a rather large and sharp power spike of 600 or 700 watts or so then it settles down to a flat, even 50 watts.

I would appreciate any help or hints.


P.S. I also have a “Fridge” device that acts pretty much the same except it settles at 94 watts.


thats about what my mini fridge uses for power. could also be a freezer of some form. The fact it comes on when your sleeping means it has nothing to do with activities you would do in the house. one way to find out where it is, would be go and turn breakers off 1 at a time when it is turned on, then you least know where its connected and can explore that room for items that turn on.

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