Change notification sound

On Android, the only option is to turn notifications on or off. I want to be able to use a different sound than my default so it’s clear when a notification originates from Sense.

I can change the notification sound for sense (all sense notifications will have that same sound) on android.

How? In the system settings the only 2 options are to turn notifications on or off and whether to allow the notification dot on the icon. In the app, the only option is on or off.

Path to setting detailed here I believe:

This is what it looks like on stock Android. Looked like this in Android 9 and now 10. Do you have more options than this?

Should be here …

I’m not using Android so can’t confirm.
@daveh, you want to explain?

Option 3: In the certain app

Many apps let you control notifications from a settings menu in the app. For example, an app could have a setting to choose the sound that app’s notifications make.

I can change the default notification sound, but it seems to be up to the app if they want to provide a way to override the default.

I’m using Samsung one ui v1.0 on Android 9

I go to settings > apps > sense > notifications
There is a toggle for Sense sound, but if I tap on the words it takes me to a deeper level where I can change the particular sound and vibration etc.

Hope you have those options

Wow, it’s not obvious at all that tapping on the name of the app opens another menu. I expected doing that to toggle notifications for the app on and off. Still, maybe they can add a “notification settings” button in the settings of the app that takes you straight there.

Totally agree it’s not at all obvious, glad I’m not the only one that thought that. Oddly it seems to only work with some apps, apparently for some you can’t change the sound.

Being able to access that from the app doesn’t sound like a bad idea.