Disable sound for android notifications



Does anyone know if there is a way to disable sound for android app notifications? I have looked in the app itself and the android notification settings and see no way to do this.

I have a couple of alerts set up that go off dozens of times over the course of a few minutes, causing my phone to blow up (iron). And i dont want to disable them because i want to make sure the iron isn’t left on.

So the only way i have to do this now is to turn off sound globally. Which is not great because i can get an important work text at any moment.

Am i missing something or does this need to become a feature request?


You can do it on Android Oreo v8.1.x or newer… Gives custom notification settings for each app, like you can set ringtones for each contact or group…

If you have a newer Android, let me know, I can put step by step directions on here…


Ah, you’re right, thank you @HightTechRedNeck! What a relief.

I am one Android Pie, and with little additional googling i discovered that you can long press on the individual notification class (miscellaneous and general) in the Android notification settings for the Sense app and you will get a menu that allows you to disable sound for each one.

Not exactly user friendly, the average user will likely never find those options. Might be worth adding to the app.


Moto G5S+ with Android Oreo v8.1.0 running Moto App Launcher (stock ROM)

on mine, Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps > (choose the app) > App Notifications… then set the settings you want…

for me, I can also long press on app (from App Drawer) > App Info > App Notifications…