Change return from 60 to 180 days

Lately there seems to be new users with detection expectations shorter than the actually happen.
I think this is do to the relatively short return timeframe of 60 days and a feeling of urgency to recover the cost of they are not going to be happy with Sense.
When someone reads they have 60 days to evaluate, it would lead them to believe that all the devices that Sense is going to detect in their home would happen in that time. They may then think that half of them should be detected in 30 days and one quarter in 14 days.
If they had it installed for 14 days and had a single detection, why wouldn’t they believe they are going to have only 4 detections total at 60 days?
I can see why they would feel the disappointment and urgency.
Giving a return time of 180 days would take this anxiety away and give a more accurate picture of the monitors capabilities and how Sense will perform in their particular home.