Has anyone noticed the updated return policy?

On the Sense website, it appears the return timeframe has been changed from the original 60 days to 120 for purchases made through the official Sense.com site.
I personally think this is great and not only gives those new to Sense a longer evaluation period but also demonstrates the confidence the Sense team has in their product, where it is now and where it’s going in the future.
While I had many detections in my first 60 days, some of my favorites came a little later. I would have missed out had I returned the monitor.
I actually never have wanted to return it!

I know what both my kids are getting for Christmas or a housewarming gift when they purchase their first homes in the near future.


Bravo Marketing: Level-setting customer patient timelines is inherently important! Without this internal Community Forum, I may have felt more impatient and somewhat discouraged. After-all, technology is expected to be more instantaneous…

Patience and perseverance allowed me to become overjoyed with my outcomes! It would be prudent for the marketing team to explicitly state (throughout product literature and packaging) that native detection are more likely to occur, within the first 60-day period. In my personal situation, I waited (16-days) to receive my first native detection. I’ve resolved to avoid all of my prior mistakes.

My initial installation was January 2018, affording a keen understanding of the Sense product and all of my mistakes… I performed a “factory-reset” of my Sense monitor on September 18, 2019 (Hyperlink) and have acquired the below-listed accurate (14) native detections - all within the subsequent 60-day period. As of this posting, the counter is at (8 weeks and 2-days):

  1. 11:43am - 10/04/2019 (Air Conditioner)
  2. 05:36pm - 09/19/2019 (Garage Door)
  3. 01:05am - 09/23/2019 (Fridge Light)
  4. 11:10am - 09/24/2019 (Fridge)
  5. 12:15pm - 09/29/2019 (Attic Fan)
  6. 12:15pm - 09/29/2019 (Furnace)
  7. 07:39am - 10/17/2019 (Ice Maker)
  8. 07:39am - 10/17/2019 (Microwave)
  9. 01:41pm - 11/05/2019 (Fridge Water Dispenser)
  10. 01:41pm - 11/05/2019 (Water Heater)
  11. 01:41pm - 11/05/2019 (Light: Master Bath)
  12. 01:41pm - 11/05/2019 (Light: Microwave)
  13. 01:41pm - 11/05/2019 (Dishwasher)
  14. 01:41pm - 11/05/2019 Heat 4

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll certainly pass it along. At this time, we do have some pretty explicit guidelines about detection timing on our homepage. This FAQ gets ported to all marketing landers from ads as well.

“Can Sense detect all devices” and “When will Sense detect my devices” are of particular note. This is what we say in the latter, which is accurate. The majority of homes will get detects before 16 days (as in your experience).

The device detection process is not immediate; Sense needs to see many on/off event cycles of a device in order start building up a model for it. Most customers will start seeing detections within the first one to two weeks. The first devices identified are often common devices that cycle frequently and consume large amounts of power, like your refrigerator or washing machine. Less commonly used, smaller load, or complex signature devices like coffee makers, televisions, and electric vehicles tend to take longer to find. Please note that due to variances across homes in terms of power quality and in the types of device present, total detection coverage of your entire home is unlikely.

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Really good information, for those thinking of Sense and those of us already onboard.

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