Reset Data (Applying Lessons Learned)

Request: For those who’ve previously performed a “Reset Data”, please share your experiences, motivating circumstances, and outcomes… It would be greatly appreciated!

My Story: This forum afforded me a clear understanding of the Sense product. It is now an integral component of my Smart Home infrastructure. After much deliberation, I performed a data reset on the Sense unit, following it’s initial January 2018 installation. My motivation is to obtain a much needed “do-over”, which will replicate previous successes and leverages all lessons-learned! I have nothing to lose and everything to gain… Patiently, I await the native-rediscovery process from this ESSENTIAL smart device:

Baseline Actions:

  • (Always On): Minimize continuous energy loads and eradicate vampire-power sources
  • (Other Bubble): Identify energy loads of undetected devices/energy sources
  • (Detected Device Bubbles): Identify standard baseline levels. Abnormal values may indicate potential device issues


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Update: A total of (5) native were detected. I assume they are representative of my most frequently used devices.

That’s good to see. I don’t think the order detected represents the most used devices though.
I reset I think in July and have 32 detections with 12 being smart plugs.

Before I had reset, I had about 30 native detections and 14 smart plugs.

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Another Lesson Learned: Following my September 18th reset of (19) previously detected devices, produced the following native detections:

Garage Door - (5:36pm) September 19, 2019
Frig Light - (1:05am) September 23, 2019
Refrigerator - (11:10am) September 24, 2019
Furnace - (12:15pm) September 29, 2019
Attic Fan - (12:15pm) September 29, 2019

If “frequency” of usage isn’t a significant determinant device detection, it must be Sense’s internal catalogued database of pre-recognized devices. Correlated energy signatures result in device detection.

That would explain how the “Refrigerator Light” was detected prior to the Refrigerator itself… Also, it’s probably why other “uncommon/uncataloged” devices, regardless of its energy footprint - may not be detected.

Decided Approach: After a year (September 2020), I’ll pursue installation of affiliated Smart Plugs and/outlets! That should be sufficient time to support native detection efforts.