Changing category of detected device: does it affect recognition?


Garage heater: Dr Heater / DR966
Dryer: GE / DPSE810EG5WT


My Sense keeps detecting my 3000/6000w 240V garage heater as a dryer. I’ve deleted it once at the request of support team.
It features a motor running the fan, and a large heating element. It makes sense that it’s detected it as a dryer. (No pun intended).

It has also detected my dehumidifier as a fridge.
I’ve reclassified it as a dehumidifier.

Three questions. I hope they make sense…

Does manually changing categories have any effect on the algorithm?
(For example: many people have multiple fridges but not many clothes dryers. If I leave the garage heater a a dryer, will I prevent Sense from ever recognizing my real clothes dryer?)

Does the original category, under which a device is detected, have any effect on future device recognition IF that device is reclassified under another category?

Does Sense Support have any suggestions on how to cope with Sense detecting my garage heater as on when the dryer is in fact running?

Thanks for all the hard work. Great tool! Gave 2 as gifts :wink:


Thanks for the support @leofaye01!

To answer your questions:

Manually changing the categories doesn’t affect detection in that way. First and foremost, the ability to recategorize is for you. We recognize Sense doesn’t always get it right, and we want users to be able to make corrections as necessary. In addition, when you recategorize a device, that information is sent to our Data Science team, they then use that information to help hone detection algorithms.

With regards to your heater sometimes being conflated with your dryer, my suggestion would be to use the ‘Device is not on’ functionality which you can find by tapping ‘Report a problem’ at the bottom of a device’s screen. This likewise sends the data to our Data Science team with which to improve algorithms. Unfortunately, Sense has a tendency to occasionally conflate some heating elements. We’re working on some improvements to address that, but it will likely be an on going process to reduce the number of times that that happens.


my suggestion would be to use the ‘Device is not on’ functionality

Thanks Ben! I discovered this by accident and used it right away when Sense confused my dryer with the garage heater - It immediately made the bubble go away. I guess, in some way, we can teach Sense

Keep up the great work!

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