Changing day of month in cycle after previous billing cycle, each month

Dominion Energy meter readings vary but it is shown in my account when the next one is read.
what would happen if after each cycle I change the billing date to new day number of month for when the last day will be for meter reading? What would this result for previous data in Sense,and will it change from the day forward to include the new number of days of the “Bill” when changed, or will take affect for all previous months as well therefore it would serve no purpose if it is changed in sense?

Also can the Time of Use be used to set future monthly meter reading day of month?; if they read the meter on the 28th of each month or the last Thursday of the month, if the 28th is not a business day.
It would be ugly but i would enter the time periods of the meter readings (not the billing date, since they differ) in TOU.

Changing the “Billing Date” in settings just changes the starting/ending day of the month for results viewed in the Bill option of Trends. The interval is fixed from the x day of one month to the x-1 day of the next month - you’ll see the bar graph and usage summary values for that period, plus you can click back to other x to x-1 billing periods.

The TOU Rate Zones are independent - they set the price for the selected time of day periods for a given span of time. Sense uses the combination of billing date and TOU Rate Zones to come up with the “billing summary” near the bottom here (Usage - Solar should be close to your bill if you have TOU)

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