Completing Device detection fields

Possible to simplify filling out the device detected form with product make and model from home details?

To assist in the detection of appliances the device inventory can be filled out. Including make and model.

When a new device is detected it asks for this very information previously entered. Sometimes stating, Sense has found a new device and named it .
To fill out the new devices details one must go to Settings>My home>home details>scroll to device inventory> choose applicable catagorie then copy…go back to new found device and paste. (Or get from appliance again)

An example where we already see something like this in action is the kasa smart plug integration.

The name I put into kasa for this plug appears below the device details and makes for quick accurate renaming.

When a new device is found and named <dryer, oven, washer, etc.> Those details are populated or shown from the existing home details list.(as it is with kasa) Or be prompted with an option…Would you like to fill this information from an appliance in your home details? Subsequently directing us to the proper option and populating when chosen…

I hope I explained this well.
Less for functionality and more for UI experience.

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I requested this a couple months back:

I’ve been reading through old release notes, and it sounds like the My Home section is a fairly new add, but one that hasn’t been leveraged yet, like they know they will do something with it, but haven’t just yet. Here’s hoping our idea is one of the first implementations if My Home. Of course at this point most of my appliances have been labeled by myself already. :disappointed:


Yes! I remember comming across it. Wanted to elaborate with screenshots but I looked and couldn’t find the post. Might have been in a comment thread?

The “Other” listed in inventory at the bottom of a catagory I have tried to use. But does not give option for make and model.
*Item I add seems to be temporary
*Also limited to one appliance.
I’m one of those guys that would list every apoance small or big. And even name my lightbulb size and brand with wattage/lumens if I could lol.