How do I use my extensive Device Inventory for newly detected devices?

New Sense user here (installed July 30th) and I’m struggling with device detection…

There’s the usual device detection weirdness, and I’ve reported these in the app (e.g. confusing two different microwaves but not all the time, thinking an oven is a dryer, etc…)

But I have some general UX questions / confusion:
First, when I first set everything up, I spent quite a lot of time filling out my “Home Details” where it says “Your Home Details is used for a similar homes comparison in the app and Monthly Email Report, and will help improve device detection.”

I have 44 devices added total, including model numbers there - e.g.

When sense detects a new device, it would be really great if I could select which of the devices I already entered it is. So far I haven’t found a way to do this - it seems really weird to have two totally separate places to enter and store the same exact information - am I just missing the link somewhere? It also seems that while detected devices let you specify much of the same information as the Device Inventory, these devices don’t actually show up in the inventory?

Second, why, for multiple newly detected devices, will it show zero energy usage, and empty graphs of when the device was active? It’s really hard to pick what the device is likely to be when there isn’t any data shown for it?


  • No missing link. The inventory was added well after the ability to add information on each device. I suspect that Sense is going to integrate the two but is using incoming inventory data to work through the subtleties associated with using the inventory for naming/model selection. Having seen some of the issues that come up with smartplugs and the Hue integration and naming, there are some tricky issues that need to be dealt with.

  • I think newly detected devices eventually fill in, but it takes a little time to post-process the history.


Occasionally you’ll get a detection that will never fill in the history and never turn on either. I’ve only had this happen a few times. I delete them if I don’t see activity or history for two weeks.

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