Why do Device Inventory?

Why did I spend all the time filling out a device inventory of my house in the home details section if Sense doesnt look there first for device detection?

It detects something and asks me for all the info about that particular device which Ive already spent time entering in the device details. Seems counter intuitive.

I agree. I understand the Sense team might not want to automatically link the 2, since it might have the detection wrong or there may be multiple freezers for instance. But on the notification that Sense presents when it finds a new device, there could be a dropdown of some sort that says “Have you already inventories this device? Select it from the list” and it would link the detected device with the inventoried device you have already entered.

I’m a new Sense user, but I think the device inventory is actually a fairly new feature, so it’s also possible they plan on expanding it to do something like this in the future.

The inventory wasn’t designed to be used for direct detections in our homes.
It’s a database they are building and can be used on their end to enhance device detection on the backend.
If they see these same similar signatures across many homes and can also see the same devices, they will have a connection to put 2 and 2 together.
This has only been implemented a short time. They will likely have to see many of the same before these connections are made.
Sorry, but it doesn’t quite work that way yet. Maybe some day that will change.

I imagine they will be more tightly linked in the future, but the inventory appeared fairly recently vs. the device information tab, and there are some complications that come with linking the two.

The inventory was added for another reason -


There’s some redundancy in the Inventory scheme that could ultimately be exploited to increase detection confidence. It’s a mistake to assume that human input is always correct. Repeated confirmation could improve detection confidence. When the feature was released, your concern was expressed. Like @kevin1, I get the feeling Sense is working through the integration.

The lesson from the introduction of the Inventory seems to be that Sense learning is iterative from an autonomous AND human perspective.

It’s been noted above already, but I’ll emphasize it a bit more. The Device Inventory aspect of v27 was never built to result in immediate device detection for the listed devices. Trust me, we wish it were so simple. Filling out the Device Inventory gives us data to utilize in the longer term, where we’ll eventually be able to curtail detection efforts in your home to roughly that pool of devices. We’re not there yet, but this is a crucial first step.

I’ll also add that this is a new feature and it will absolutely expand in time. But it’s a start and gets us pulling in useful data right away.

Thanks so much!

At the very least, when it detects a device, why cant it simply ask “is this one of the devices in your inventory”?

Since i already entered the name, brand, model #, etc. it would be great to not have to look up and type all those details again.

If it’s NOT connected currently to the Sense Device Detection than WHY did it erase my Device Inventory when I reset the data on my Sense Monitor???

I wanted to have the Signal Detection happen again now that I have moved the Sense from my main panel to my new Solar Combiner box, but I didn’t sell my washing machine. Why remove my inventory, and why not comment that it is going away so I can write it down and not have to scour the house again…?

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That probably needs to be changed, with some distinction between “Home Data” and “Device Data”. But most Sense users seem to forget that the everything they do on their phone or web app actually lives in the cloud, not on the phone. Right now, the home inventory is just part of your Sense data that lives out on the cloud. Gotta be frustrating - I understand why you feel the way you do.

ps: One more note - the device inventory can’t be saved, but if you input data on all your devices into the “Manage” tab, you can get a permanent copy of that data via a quick daily export fro a time period where everything has turned on at least once. That way you’ll at least have a spreadsheet of the data you entered

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I hear the frustration there. We do plan on separating them in time so the Device Inventory data does not get deleted. Your Home Details (above Device Inventory) should have been saved after the data reset. In the meantime, I’ll see what we can do to get the Data Reset warning language adjusted.


I imagine it would be annoying to code and not a priority but Configuration export/import would be nice. That might also help with deploying a new Sense. e.g 100-unit building with standard “startup” config of appliances.

After UI discussions I came away thinking that the web interface is probably the best location for all the “messy” stuff like that. UI there could, for example, include an otherwise-hard-to-format config data dump at a URL. All the settings on a page in somewhat human readable format would be better than nothing.

I understand the frustration and after my recent reset, I have not entered the DATA again.
Would be nice to save it for sure.