What does the device inventory do?

I have completed the device inventory but don’t understand what sense uses this for. Also by completing the Make and Model info does this help with device detection?

@treznik, good job completing the inventory. I think there are two purposes for it today, based on the note at the bottom in the phone app.

  1. It’s used to help determine similar homes in the similar homes comparison.
  2. It is also used so Sense can get some idea of the mix of devices within the users community.

Don’t look at it as a “checklist” for your home Sense monitor to find, as some new users tend to see it. There might be a case where Sense uses your info on big consumption user devices like EVs and HVAC so they can refine their models for those types of devices - some of those devices, like specific models of EVs have specially tuned detection models today.