Confirmation on change in Report with v1.35.3347-432344a0

I noticed that all was consistent with my well pump and then things changed from how it always was

. There is no issue, so it seems, but it could be a sign of impending issues. Sense has not reported any motor stalls. Before contacting the well company I decided to check for app or monitor Firmware updates. On the day everything changed with the well pump was October 21,2021 which was the same day as the v.135… firmware update.

I peeked at my logs and my well pump did something similar around the same time (October 26th).
I don’t see any firmware releases around then though.

It might have been a refinement on the model for detecting motors.

I only had my sense for a month at that point though, so it could have been normal model dialing in.
The timing seems really convenient though.

The data after that point looks much better,
Prior to October 26th:
Strong starting spike then straight line.

From October 26th on:
Strong starting spike, then slightly decreasing curve as the motor spins up and warms up.

This seems more accurate to me knowing motor theory.

TLDR: Sense updated the model so it was more accurately attributing power to the well pump.

Several users noticed changes in October that might have been related to the firmware update. A few of them are: