Confused over who merges who!


The study of ergonomics shows that there often is no correct answer on choosing how a device operates, yet helps us improve our interface to make it more universal. I for one am always merging my existing device into a newly found device in the wrong order and losing the metadata associated with the device. A simple unmerge and merge again corrects the problem, but was hoping for a prompt to let me know that I am getting ready to overwrite the model numbers and manufacturing data associated with this device prior to merging. It seems like a simple interface change. I am hesitant to suggest how the writers of the interface accomplish this for I think any method would suffice. Just curious if others find themselves merging, then unmerging and merging again to save from entering the model and manufacturing data.


Yeah, the first time you do it, it’s wrong. Then when you do it again weeks later, it’s wrong. Maybe some simple verbage saying, ‘What device would you like to marge this into?’ Something like that so you can back out and reverse it before going thru the steps.


I did some checking into this, and we don’t really have a ‘master’ device. Merging actually creates a brand new device. Whichever device you pick to start merge process, the new merged/parent device will take on the metadata (name, type, etc) of that first device you picked. Does that make sense? I can spell this out better in the knowledge base.


Can we split devices after performing a merge if we later realize we made a mistake or no longer want them together?

My well pump was one of the most reliable devices Sense learned. It shows it normally runs ~900w. Recently a new “Pump” device popped up that averages ~260w. This new device seems to also represent some instances of the well pump running. Never do the two “Well Pump” and “Pump” devices show on at the same time and I’m mostly confident this new Pump should be merged into Well Pump.


Hey Ryan, Yes I am aware that it works as you describe. The problem is that the older device will have the metadata that you desire for the database. If you start with the newly found device, it won’t have the metadata. As jasonemoyer stated above, the order is not logical to some of our brains. There is not a right or wrong. It’s ergonomics. If you performed the task all the time you would remember. The older device is always the one with the metadata. If there was simply some prompt to remind us of that especially as the system grows mature and we have not performed the task in awhile it would be helpful. It is not a huge issue and neither is the fix. Thanks


Yes, merged devices can be unmerged later. Same process.


FWIW I always merge them backwards the first try too. There has been an attempt to differentiate the parent device when you’re presented with the list of checkboxes in the merge process, but it’s not clear to me and I always have to do it once, back changes out, then do it over again.


MachoDrone had had to undo a merge, too, then remerge the opposite way. …just can’t remember which way was the successful way. Lol.


Ah, ok. I understand. I’ll pass this thread along to the Product team to see what we can do.


I think the Sense interface and manuals are top shelf! Kudos to those who build it!