Consumption incorrectly shown as 2*Production-Consumption

Just got Sense+Solar installed, and it worked great for the first 6 hours. But then 90 minutes after solar production went to zero in the evening, the Consumption plot started showing the negative of the actual consumption. The next day, the Consumption plot was clearly correlated to the Production plot. I did some math and it turns out that it’s plotting Consumption as 2*Production-Consumption. When I turn on an appliance the Consumption plot drops by the wattage used. Here’s a plot of this odd equation:

The deep dip near the right is a -5100w drop when I turned on my dryer. The jagged section on the left is due to the jagged solar production as the sun comes up behind some trees. You see that it is mirrored in the consumption plot, incorrectly.

I guess it’s a calibration problem, but why did it work for the first 6 hours? Here is the first 6 hour plot:

Service has been contacted but it’s the weekend.

Sometimes the auto-setup (leg matching and polarity identification) doesn’t get it right. And sometimes even small changes inside your panel, like the brief removal of a CT, can cause polarity settings to flip like this period when my electrician was working on my panel.

A brief reboot of the Sense using the dedicated breaker might fix it if you want to try that before support gets back to you.

I did a brief reboot 2 days ago but it made no difference. Maybe I should shut off the solar breaker and the sense breaker and try to setup the whole thing from scratch? Not sure how to do a re-setup. Or just wait another day until Support tells me what to do.

If a simple power cycle didn’t fix it, I would just wait until tomorrow and let support take a look. They can do all the sniffing and tweaking on their end.

It appears to have started working ok again at 12:50 AM last night. That’s not exactly good news, because presumably support didn’t do anything. So that means it’s an intermittent problem? That’s not a good situation.

Hey @don.mathis - are you currently working with Support on this issue?

I sent a note over the weekend and got a confirmation that they received it.

Perfect - Support is catching up on tickets from over the long weekend, but I’ll check-in today and see how your ticket is doing.

Hi @JustinAtSense, support says they have corrected the problem remotely. Do you think the past 3 days of bizarre negative data will pollute the learning algorithm’s training data? If so, do you think I should do a “data reset”?

Glad to hear Support was able to fix this, Don. My initial thought here is that a data reset isn’t necessary because 3 days isn’t a large sample of data for Sense, but I’m floating your question by our Data Science team to give you a definitive answer on whether a data reset is a good idea. Will update this once I hear back :slight_smile: .

Just heard back @don.mathis - a data reset isn’t necessary here. If you’d still like to reset your data, you would just need to go through Solar set-up again (or you can reach back out to Support and they can do it for you). Personally, I’d leave it as is, but it’s ultimately your call.


Thanks Justin, I’ll just let it continue on from here.