Cost of Electricity

Average cost of electricity in CA 0.155 as shown in the new version of the app!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for the new feature and the laugh for the day.

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Summer Peak TOU 24.6 cents but they pay me 21.6 cents for generation.

Not up in SF. I pay 39 cents peak (2-8pm) and like 34 cents off. I get paid for generation the same as Iuse.

I’m grandfathered into E-6 rates. They tell me don’t change plans. They plan to phase it out by 2021.

Below is a snippet from my bill and a summary chart. Does anyone know what I should be putting in for cost of electricity? The actual bill is confusing as it breaks down cost of delivery and then power supply charges.

What I did was divided $12.58/60 =20.9 cents per kW from my bill summary. I figured that was accurate but wanted your advice.

@marcbh, Your total cost divided by your total consumption gives an average.

I think it is a good idea to include the taxes and other charges because that reflects on your full out of pocket expenses for this bill.

$855.70 / 4063kWh
or 21.06¢ per kWh

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Thanks. Gotta love living in NY. Ouch.

Yes, NYC is bad. My rates vary from 24-32c/kWh.
My last bill was 24c but I budget on 30c.

TOU billing is all over the place.
Delivery charges(not the full cost) go from 1.4c to 20.53c

STD delivery(non-TOU) is 9.6 to 11c

Flat rates are roughly $0.115/kWh all in here in the northern suburbs of Chicago. TOU rates have been lower on average so far except for the occasional but predictable mid-afternoon spikes.

Electricity rates are probably the only positive thing about living in Illinois at the moment.

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This in my billing but like others I pay an average per month over the past year.

. I had to do a reset with Sense last month so I really can not compare cost as of yet. I am using the cost analysis to proximate right now. Pleased so far.