Costs and Restore functions


I would like to see these 2 features:

  1. Ability to calculate and track Costs … easy to implement since if we have the option to enter our utility costs based on tier or time of use (probably the best option), we should be able to see calculated costs of devices based on the usage. This feature would be awesome to have since we can directly control the costs behaviors.

  2. Ability to save our data at Sense or somewhere and restore if we have to wipe our Sense or replace it so it can re-download data and continue the discovery process without starting over.


Hey Charles,

Thanks for the suggestions! These are both great ideas and features we will look at implementing in the future.


Yep. I like to be able to enter a flat kWh cost. And see those costs in:

  1. Device usage section for current and previous month.
  2. In the trend chart page, right under Total kWh.


I agree and would very, very much appreciate this function.


I’m on TOU and will love it to be added to the cost feature when implemented.