Data retention

I am new to Sense, one month in.
How long will Sense retain data for my account that I will have access to?

When will we get the ability to download the data so that we have control retaining data?


If you expect to improve the training for the devices that remain in your household, you are going to want the retention and retraining to be near-perpetual. Maybe not so important if you remove many of the historic devices from your house over time. And certainly you don’t really want to retain if you move houses and electrical systems.

I want it to be a long time. My question is how long will Sense keep it around.
I would like to be able to compare a device month to month and year to year. Especially if a device gets replaced with a newer more efficient model, to go back and compare to months and years before.

At this time we do not purge any user data unless you ask us to. So: indefinitely!

Data export is being actively worked on as I type this but I cannot guarantee any timeline beyond that. It’s a highly requested feature and something I want pretty badly as well, so hopefully it comes soon. I would love to know what you’d like to see out of a data export feature. What kind of data would you like to be able to grab and what sort of resolution?

I’ll answer this one again, since I’ve been playing around with merging data between a few devices (Ecobee, SolarCity/Tesla inverter, Rainforest Eagle, PG&E website, scraped data from Sense web app).

It would be great to be able to go to any Usage card (device, total Usage, or Solar) and

  • download exactly what is there without having to set any options (Use all the natural units for each display resolution - Day, Week, Month, Billing)
  • change options for download reporting period - offer Day, Week, Month, Billing, Year (if year is feasible given resolution)
  • change options for resolution - offer Minute, 5 Minute, 15 Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Billing.
  • maybe offer more customizable options, but those presets should cover merging with most other device data
  • change usage/devices checklist - so you can download all/select/single devices plus Usage and Solar (plus maybe even Net) with the same time period and resolution in one go.
  • allow some flexibility for date time reporting beyond default. Maybe separated date and time columns.

A few other things to consider:

  • Billing period recording periods and resolution are key. But that means Sense needs to allow users to program their utility’s irregular billing periods into a users account. PG&E has a billing period in which the period start date in the month varies by about 4 days throughout the year.
  • may need the option to report in both pre and post data view. E.g.- Where energy used between 7-8am can be attributed to 7am or 8am depending on setting.
  • Sense will need to pay attention to daylight savings time shifts. Current web app does not remove or add a bar for the days when we lose or gain an hour. Discovered that when web scraping - had to pad my Sense results to make up for that missing hour.

One more cool thing to be able to download would be a list of the “spike events” that Sense labels,in the Power Meter with associated magnitudes and date time. Might also require some explanation of how the spike was measured (peak sample, or some kind of short term averaging, or time series exponential smoothing ?)

@RyanAtSense In addition to what @kevin1 said, I’d like to be able to export item events.

So one column would have Device Group name, Device Name (is there a unique underlying unique internal number too?), On/Off, Time/Date event happened, and power usage, kwh used when turned off for last period.

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Thanks for the input, @miracj and @kevin1. I’ll mark it down and pass it on to the team. This sort of detail is super helpful.

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