Dedicated Circuit Monitoring - Not Enough Data

I purchased some Dedicated Circuit Monitors to evaluate each individual breaker in my home. Leaving it on each breaker for about a week, compiling the results to determine my biggest hogs. I have moved them to the latest breakers that I am evaluating for 1 week now. When I look at the details of what it has captured, while it is monitoring the breaker, it is still saying ‘Not Enough Data’ when looking at the Estimated usage and Average Usage. See picture

I’m not sure what triggers an update of the aggregated statistics for the Month, but it looks like that hasn’t happened for you. I’m wondering if it could be lack of a clear on and off since you are looking at the DCM load for a circuit with many devices rather than an individual device (and moving between circuits every week).

FYI - I have one of my DCM CTs monitoring an entire circuit, like you, and I am getting statistics for Dec. But that circuit has very clear ons and off for the entire circuit.

Maybe you can share a screenshot of your DCM device Power Meter and Timeline ?

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That Device Power Meter doesn’t appear in my web portal, but pulled it off of my phone app.

@chadfetter, sorry, I should have been explicit - the Device Power Meter only exists in the phone/table app, not the web app. It does look like your circuit never comes anywhere close to zero. You might want to try changing the “Standby to On threshold” to 100W (something above the minimum power on the circuit) instead of the default which I think is around 10 or 15W. You can do that by going into the Settings “gear” on the upper right, then into the Manage tab.

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I will give it a try.

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