Current total power usage does not match total of individual components

My sense has been incorrectly adding up all the power used for many months since I added the dedicated circuit option back when it came out. See the below picture, the picture shows 909 watts but the total of all the bubbles is 1041 watts. The two devices on the dedicated circuit monitor current clamps are the Main Heatpump and the Minisplit.

I contacted support a few times but they were not able to resolve the issue. I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue and if they have found a fix.


Which 2 devices are on DCM and which 2 are on smartplugs ?

Hi Kevin, The smart plugs are “Lennox PureAir” and “Internet & Security”. DCM are “minisplit” and “Main heatpump”.

Great… I have had similar things happen. Two thoughts:

  1. Your Always On is temporarily too big. It looks at data on a 48 hour basis, so if you have left something big on for 48 hours, that uses 200W, then turn off, your Always On will remain 200W too big for a while depending on activity in your house.
  2. Did you set your voltage level correctly for DCM ? If one is set for 240V and is really only 120V, then your bubble / usage for that device will be twice as big as it should be. I’m betting you got that right, but just checking.

The total number has been wrong since I have added the DCM when the feature came out last year. I have never seen the total add-up correctly since. Is that correct behavior?

The DCM is set up for 240VAC on each heatpump, the loads do not have a neutral, and the clamps are on one leg of the 240VAC breakers. I do not think there is an issue there as the power usage makes sense when the compressors are running full speed. Also with the compressors off the difference between the bubbles and the total power usage is never consistent.

I power cycled the sense, see an attached screenshot where we are still off with not much on in the house. Total reading 362w sum of all bubbles is 419w, a difference of 57w. This difference gets worse the more things that are on in the house.

Never mind my suggestions. You sound like you have your DCM set correctly and the issues I have seen happen when bubbles are less than Total Usage, plus Other is missing.

Hi @luke.skaff. I did the math here and can see the inaccuracies you’re referencing. One last thing before recommending you reach out to - when you go to your ‘Devices’ list (not the bubble screen), are there devices that are showing as ‘On’ but are not showing as bubbles? I wasn’t sure if you had a bunch of smaller equipment that might be in ‘Standby’ mode or not represented by a bubble.

Hi Justin, good idea to check but there is nothing else in the device list on. I set the standby threshold for everything really low so I could see the power they are using all the time.

Hi @luke.skaff . I spoke to some folks here and we believe we’ve identified the issue. We are looking into how it can be resolved.

I contacted support last week about a similar issue.
It almost looks like a “bubble” gets stuck on the web gui

At that point my EV was not on.

Login out & back in made the bubble disappear and sync the web gui with reality

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Danny, does your display a correct total on your app? Mine adds wrong on my phone and on the web and restarting the sense does not fix it.

My app did show the correct usage.
So in my case it was only the web page that was incorrect.
Should have mentioned that