Dehumidifier Fan Not Detected?

I’ve been running a portable dehumidifier since I began using Sense. which has been a couple of weeks now. The Dehumidifier runs almost nonstop.

I’m not certain of the kind of dehumidifier I have, But assuming it is the kind that uses a compressor, that part of the cycle was detected within 2-3 days of installing Sense. I don’t understand why the fan that continues to runs after, and uses a considerable amount of power compared to “always on” load hasn’t been detected.

in contrast, my toaster oven, which I used a couple of times a few weeks ago, was detected just a day or two ago. It took a bit of detective work to figure out what it was because I ran it 4 times 2 weeks ago, and haven’t touched it since. And Sense randomly identified it.

I’m not saying there is necessarily a malfunction of some kind. I’m just saying it is weird. The dehumidifier is probably the most consistent, and most used appliance that I have. It has given Sense the most data to work with… and yet the toaster was identified before the fan mode in it (which while it uses more power, ran significantly less. and a long time ago.)

edit: well it uses about 60W give or take 2W
but still… you see how often it runs in my picture. With a small amount of interference from the Fridge which has been identified, the large plateau is the compressor and then the small plateau is the fan running after the compressor turns off. then it drops to the standard energy level that is my “always on” and the lights I have running.

something that consistent ought to be easily identified. It isn’t like my iPhone, laptop, lights, or other low wattage devices that run on low wattage at random times. for random intervals…
Again, I’m not claiming it is malfunctioning, I’m just curious about the technology and why?

edit2: my current progress :slight_smile:

for some reason the fridge likes to turn on a minute or two before the dehumidifier… or does the dehumidifier like to turn on a minute or two after the fridge??? lol. they’re pretty well synced to human eyes.

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