Run Time or on/off

Is it the length of time the device runs, or the number of times it powers on that helps sense detect new devices best?

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I’m betting that the number of on/off cycles under a variety of background conditions is far more important for learning and identification.

That was my gut as it seems the devices that turn on and off dozens of times a day get identified first. So my question is, if I set a device to turn on and off more than usual would that assist in the detection or would it just be a wast of time?

I’ve done one data reset with my Sense. Before the reset, it never found my furnace blowers. After the reset, I tweaked my 2 thermostats to turn the furnace fan on for 5 min every hour. Sense found both fans fairly quickly thereafter and reliably detects both of them. Maybe just coincidence, but I peg it to enhanced visibility due to more on/off cycles.

my experience has been that, the larger the impact it has, and the more it runs in various environments, the easier to detect. take my dehumidifier. It has to parts of a cycle. the compressor, and the fan. compressor/fan turn on. compressor eventually turns off with the fan that continues to run. then the fan turns off. This cycle repeats about 4-5 times every hour.

the compressor part of the cycle was detected after 2-3 days. it uses about 600W or so. The fan part of the cycle, even though it runs just as often and has, to the human brain, a very recognizable pattern. I can look at the graph and tell you whether it was on. it took sense about 3 months. It only uses about 60W

my tea kettle took about 3 months. it has a bit of an impact on the meter, but I don’t use it that often.

My air conditioner on the other hand… when I started using it about a month ago, it took about 3 days… tops. And I don’t run it that much. a couple times a day for about 20 minutes at a time. just long enough to keep the house at 83.

of course a bit later, Sense discovered a second air conditioner that doesn’t exist (I only have one unit). The two AC devices began to battle it out. the second AC discovered, won out. and completely messed up the detection of the AC (2500W being filed under other) and messed up detection of the dehumidifier. before Sense could detect the two separately under any condition. after the second AC discovery, Sense could not always tell the dehumidifier and the AC apart. sometimes the AC is using 5kw, sometimes it is using 1.5kw and the dehumidifier is using 4kw, sometimes 1.5kw, 600W, and 2.5kw under other… just completely messed up.

my dehumidifier is one that plugs into the wall btw.

After a few days, I’ve decided to delete the Air Conditioner from my list of devices and will let Sense rediscover it. Give Sense a chance to recalibrate. That’s ok though. I already know the AC uses lots of power. I am more concerned about devices like the dehumidifier. and it won’t take Sense a long time in this New Orleans heat to rediscover the AC.

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