Detecting Whirlpool Model AD75UST0 dehumidifier

I have a new task for my Sense. I want it to detect this dehumidifier. There will be a fan signal and a compressor signal. I can tell by turning it on and off that it uses about 800 watts when both are running.

I really want to track the cost to see if the cost of reducing the humidity is offset by being comfortable at a higher room temperature. (Sense still hasn’t recognized my Lennox HVAC after over a year but I will circle back to that somewhere else.)

Will turning the dehumidifier off and on help by giving your servers more data or do I just wait and see?

Is there a list of every device by manufacturer and model that is in the Sense recognized device database?


Just wait. Sense will probably pick it up quickly since dehumidifiers cycle a lot. Turning it on and off manually is not a good idea because the usage pattern may look different with manual intervention, which could delay detection or result in a less accurate device model once it’s detected.

Re: list of devices, no. Sense has a chance of detecting a device even if it’s never been seen before across the user base, as long as it behaves in a predictable way and provides some “cues” in its usage signature.


Nothing yet.

Nothing yet.

Sense, I gather that the TP-Link HS110 smart plugs integrate with the Sense app? I didn’t realize that. So, I could plug the dehumidifier into one of these plugs and I could tell Sense that plug is the dehumidifier and I’m set. Correct?

As long as it’s 120V and within the spec’d range of the HS110, you can. We’re also compatible with the Wemo Insight and the HS300 power strip.

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Go for the Smart Plugs … you’ll be happy with the knowledge that the waveform/usage is exclusive to the humidifier. Caveat: Get a single-socket one for a device like that … the HS300 (strip) would work but it’s not ideal and ideally safe loading higher wattage devices on a strip.

A dehumidifier adds heat to the space so the equation is “interesting”. :thinking:

What kind of Lennox system do you have relative to your space? My HVAC/thermodynamics 101 knowledge tells me you want to have a “small” HVAC system that runs at a low level vs. a “big” one that blasts cold and cycles frequently if your goal is also to reduce humidity. i.e. an inverter system with variable speed fans/compressor.

Personally, I’d give Sense a few more weeks to detect the dehumidifier and use the smartplug on something else. My dehumidifier is one of the most reliably detected devices with native detection.

That said, a smartplug is guaranteed to do the trick if you want data now.

Thanks for the suggestion, ps.
Still no detection.
I think that I will order the smart plug just to test out the Sense integration.

Nothing yet.
After more than a year Sense just sees two refrigerators and the garage door mostly.