Dehumidifier icon tweak

Sense recently picked up my dehumidifier, so I set it up, and I see this as the icon:


It’s a nice looking icon, but are there dehumidifiers that look like this? If so, I want one :slight_smile:

I know one of the heat icons got some love lately. I think this one isn’t very obvious at a glance, personally.

I think it’s supposed to be symbolizing condensing water. I guess this is better than another generic looking box with circles, though.


This one has always looked strange to me as well!

I was talking with our UX designer who confirmed that there’s definitely some artistic licensing going on here, you can imagine how many devices look like a rectangle with knobs when they’re turned into vector art.

With that, I’m wondering if we’d get any traction for a Community Art competition where folks here submitted their ideas for a redesigned Dehumidifier icon. Any takers? We could have our UX team as the judges :slight_smile:

Justin, thanks for opening it up for community input. I like a challenge so gave this some thought.
Imitating the shape of the dehumidifier device I own would result in another rectangle with knobs, just as your designer pointed out. So, this wasn’t easy.

@whee suggested that the icon convey condensing water. To this end, I suggest changing the bubbles into water drops, because that is the shape of water falling down. In contrast, the bubbles in the current image could just as well be vapor particles emitted by a humidifier. The remainder of the current icon is good enough, and I believe that this slight change resolves the complaint.

Here is how the new icon might look:
pointed drops


I’ll share any suggestions that come through here with our UX team - no promises on implementation, but we all love seeing your takes on this!