Deleted Device Keeps being RE-detected

A contractor was at my house and did some work. Sense detected his table saw and another power tool. I have deleted these items TWICE but sense keeps “re-detecting” them when there has been no additional usage since the time they were here. Why would Sense keep re-hashing something I have purposefully deleted and has not had any activity since the deletion? I’ll never had any more usage (unless he happens to come back AND uses the same tools. Frustrating. Is there something else besides deleting the device that I should be doing??

This recent blog goes into what happens when you delete a device:

I’d guess that Sense is still seeing something in your data that looks like the table saw and is thus triggering the model for it. How long has it been since the contractor left?

In any case, you may want to submit a Support ticket. They can take a look at your data and tell you more accurately what’s happening.