Detected lg front load washer

When washer is on now it senses the washer on but then we get notifications every min of it Turing on and of and on and off for quite a while ? Is there a separate part in the washer that it’s not putting them together? Annoying!!

Two things - things like washing machines will have complicated cycles where the motors turn on and off. Sense is probably going to see that as a lot of on and off cycles. But most of the alerts (timeline and push notifications) are configurable - you can turn both those alerts off in the device settings Manage Tab.

More help regarding what @kevin1 suggests here:

This is something I’ve experienced with both the washing machine and dishwasher. In my case and probably yours, it’s only the motor that has been detected. The other components like heater, solenoids and pumps have not been detected yet. Even if they are, you’ll still have this detection with tons of on/off for a cycle.
Each time the motor stops and changes direction is when it happens.