Detected Motor Inrush current but not the load


Has anyone else had a ‘piece’ of an electrical motor detected?

I was excited when Sense said it detected my furnace’s forced-air blower motor which makes up a large percentage of my electrical load.

Unfortunately it is only reporting the 2-second or so Inrush current when the motor starts up and not the actual load of the motor while it’s running (typically for 5-10 minutes and using a continuous 500W)

The motor runs at least 5mins an hour (I’ve programmed it to)

Motor running for 5 minutes or so:

Zoomed in all the way:


Yes - I believe so. My washing machine is only picked up by the first spike, but nothing else yet.


I’ve seen the same behavior. Sense initially detected the startup spike for one of my furnace blowers. A few weeks later, it detected the rest of the motor’s power usage. I manually merged.


Thanks, guys.
I’ll hold tough for now and hope the rest of the motor gets detected soon.


My Sense has picked up the same thing with my boiler’s initial blower startup before it fires, as soon as the blower fires (60 - 120 seconds later), Sense “looses” the continuous blower load and re-circ pumps.

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