Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices

When I am charging my electric car (120V) it shows as unknown device. I would like to use Sense to track my recharging usage. Are there any efforts underway to help with car charging?

I’ll do that, thanks!

For those lucky few who have had your car detected. Do you preheat your cars in the morning? If so does this get detected?

I do precondition my 2014 Volt in the winter before leaving for work. So far Sense doesn’t pick that up hardly at all. However, I did notice that Sense saw the Volt charging this morning during a “top off” cycle, that I assume occurred because it was warming the battery overnight or something. It had already charged the evening before.

Several things can cause the Volt to go back into a charge cycle after it was already full - a precondition is the main one. The Volts heat can draw around 6kW at it’s peak but the charging system can only provide half of that. A precondition in cool/cold temperatures WILL consume everything the grid can provide plus some off the top of the battery itself. When the precondition finishes, it will go into a charge cycle to recover that.

The battery heater only draws a few hundred watts and will only cycle on in below freezing temps after the car has been sitting for 8-12 hours. It’s supposed to go down to about -11 here tonight so I will without doubt see the battery heaters on both our Volts cycling a bit through the night.

Lastly, I have seen both our Volts just spontaneously kick into a full charging cycle again after sitting for 8-24 hours for 3-10 minutes. I’m guessing the computer decides that the SOC isn’t quite what it wanted to see as “full” anymore and it tops the battery off again.

With an HS110 hooked up to my EVSE I have gained a ton more insight on the Volts quirks and consumption patterns, especially owning 2 of them.

We’ve started rolling out detectors for a certain very popular EV that starts with a T and ends with a 3. :grin::grin:

Gears are still spinning as we make adjustments and refine models, but let us know if you see yours pop up. I’ll make an official announcement thread in a few days, but wanted to give you all an unofficial heads up.


YEAH!..Just checked and nothing yet! Will obsessively look every few minutes.

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Don’t be too obsessive yet! Rollout takes some time and models are still not perfect. I’ll have more info soon.

I took some additional medication to slow my roll.


Tesla is found!

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My Model 3 was found as well. It isn’t showing any power usage, but has been identified.

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That’s good news! Keep monitoring and let us know how it goes.

January 5 2019 - Sense found my Tesla this morning. Excited, curious and anxious about the data… Will give it a few months before I post back.


Interesting issue today. Sense saw the tesla connect and then start charging but seemed to drop all monitoring for a little bit. When it came back and started logging again it no longer knew what the tesla was. I assume this is because the ramp up wasn’t there.

Still not showing my Model 3 or Chevy Volt and would like to note that a) I am using a Level 2 EVSE but b) it is often variably controlled by the amount of solar energy available. That means that it is often limited 4.7kW unless I am charging in fast mode. Not sure that makes any difference. Should I report that to support? Still patient, just don’t want to be overlooked due to variability in usage.

Were you using the real time displays (bubbles or meter) around 3:35-40? If so take a look here:

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Nope but the gap looks like that thread. First time I’ve seen a gap like that, pretty sure it wasn’t real time related.

It found my Model 3 the other day. Yea now just waiting for it to find my Model S!
doing pretty good its only been installed about 3 weeks and has found about 9 things!


It found my Model 3 yesterday!

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It found my LEAF yesterday!

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