Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices

I charge my EV with EVSE called OpenEVSE. As the name suggests it is an open software and hardware design. One option for the OpenEVSE is to add a WiFi Interface which can be asked how much current and how many wattseconds have been passed down the charging plug. Given all the difficulty in detecting the various turn on characteristics of EV charging systems, I think it would be very helpful if Sense could look at supporting the OpenEVSE charging interface and since most EV’s will need to supply their own EVSE for charging, this would provide a means for any EV to be detected reliably much like the recent support for the smart WiFi plugs.


How large is the userbase for OpenEVSE?

Earlier I was curious if the preconitioning an EV was picked up.

Now that my LEAF was detected, it currenty recognizes the start correctly of the preconitioning. However, it looks like sense doesn’t see the same charging pattern, and promptly turns the device off after a few seconds.

I noticed :-). It is picking up the Model 3 now very reliably. Thanks a lot. My Model X has also improved but this could still be better.

One year later, still nothing.

Same for me. What type EVSE are you using? Amps? What is your EV? What is your charging pattern? I am using a 6 amp - 32 amp variable charger from the UK. I have a MY2012 Chevy Volt and Tesla Model 3. I am still wondering if variable amperage is affecting my discovery. I have over 30 household devices discovered but like all of us with an EV, it is the primary reason for the Sense purchase. Still hangin in there.

A few weeks ago, my Tesla Model 3 was detected by Sense. I’ve had my Sense device installed for about 6 months, so I was very glad to see my Tesla detected. The monitoring has been reliable and consistent. Thanks Sense!

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If you only use level 1 definitely pick up one of the supported smart plugs that are integrated into sense.

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I’ll still only occasionally catch a blip when it will see the clarity for less than a second. Which EVSE are you using?

I use the ChargePoint Home (32A, 240V) EVSE with my Honda Clarity. Sense detects it fairly reliably when a charge starts and stops. However, it gets faked out when our Heat Pump also turns on or off while the Clarity is charging, typically erroneously reporting that the EV charger has stopped, and the EV bubble goes away and balloons the “Other” bubble. This is becoming quite common now that we are in the winter months. The heat pump and EV charger have similar energy draw while on, and I guess this fakes out Sense.

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Thanks for the info, same EVSE and car, it’s so crazy how individualized device detection is. :slight_smile:

I think this is a very interesting product and am curious to see how it works. I’ve got a Model 3 Performance variant, currently charing on a 20 amp plug (not the stock 15) but soon to go on a wall charger (60 amp feed). I am curious about how your modeling works, using these as examples. While there is a lot of talk about the difference between machine and human learning, when you refer to “rolling out detectors,” does the machine learning depend on human confirmation on your end and, if so, is there a master list somewhere of what you have rolled out? Will Sense detect something based on community input where you have not rolled out a model detector? My guess is the Model 3 Performance / 20 amp charger is a rare combination. Is Sense able to detect something like that as a device that has not yet been named, or must you have that data feed coming into your team and have you humans identify it?

I have a BMW i3 with an OpenEVSE and it still hasn’t been detected. Is there a trick to getting it to show up?

My Pacifica Hybrid was found as Electric Vehicle, I have a Juice box. However, Sense seems to only recognize some of the load from the EV as it shows up in EV device and also under Other. The load eventually is reported all under Other as the charge progresses.

I have a 2014 BMW i3 REX and charge it daily but sense still hasn’t detected it even though it has the largest power usage of any device in my house.

Have you compared your BMW charging waveform to what others have posted of their Tesla’s and Chevy Bolts? If they look similar then that might give you an idea if it will likely be detected or not.
Just an idea

Hi @mike_gessner, I moved your post to this thread since details on specific vehicle detection is covered at length in this thread.

Are you charging at Level 2 (240V), and how long have you owned the car and have been charging at home? i3 detection only came into play a few months back so it’s possible you may not have enough full charge cycles for Sense to yet fully detect it.

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I have a BMW i3 that i charge with a level 2 240V 32A charger at my house. I also have the stock level 1 115V charger that came with the care but i never use that charger.

Thanks for moving my post over here and i am still learning the forums format here and how different it is that the forums that i normally use.

No worries, and yes, the forum software here is indeed quite different.

As for your i3, since you’re charging at 240V at home that’s a good thing as it is a requirement for detection, so it’s probably just a matter of being more patient - keep aiming for full undisturbed charge cycles at home - detection will come eventually.