Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices


I have it set to charge between 1am and 6am so there isn’t a lot of other things that show up at that time with the exception of the HVAC and the always on things.


How long have you owned the car and been charging at home?

Detection for the i3 was just added a number of weeks ago (Early December IIRC) so your system is likely still sorting out a firm detection.


I purchased the car used a year ago and installed the sense on the 8th so I’ve only got 9 days of good data from the system. I use an aftermarket level 2 32A charger and i know that they sell different amperage levels for these chargers so i was curious if that would effect effect the detection. My car has the DC fast charge option so i can charge it at a higher amperage level unlike the cars without the DC fast charge option. I know that the cars without the DC fast charge option can only charge at the 16A level on level 1 and level 2 chargers.


That’s your issue, only 9 days isn’t long enough for Sense to gain a detection on something like an EV yet. Some people reported detections in a few weeks after the i3 became officially supported, but it may take longer - it depends on a lot of variables.

As for the charge rate, 16A or 32A doesn’t matter and neither does the brand of the EVSE, all that matters is that it’s a 240V (level 2) charger. Sense looks at the signature from the actual charger hardware itself (which is actually part of the vehicle on an EV) - the brand of the EVSE doesn’t matter since they are basically just glorified extension cords with extra safety features.

So, in short, you just need more patience, and keep aiming for full undisturbed charge cycles for Sense to pickup on

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Will Sense detect a third party 240 charger for my Chevy Volt?


Take a look at the response right above your here @dbkguy.
@oshawapilot post has your answer.
It has to do with charging rate from what I understand and the brand doesn’t matter.


I charge my car every day and sometimes multiple times a day but it still hasn’t detected my car. I would assume since its one of the heaviest loads in my house it would have been discovered a lot sooner. here is what my power usage looks like when my car is plugged in and you can see on the graph that its nearing the end of its recharge cycle and is ramping down. Also is a picture of the level 2 charger that i use which shows me how much power its outputting as well.


Sense still hasn’t detected my EV but looking forward to the day it does because i am extremely curious as to how much this thing cost to charge each time i have to fully charge it and how much it is costing to charge it per month as compared to how much i was spending on gas.


Not sure how large openevse user base is, we have one charging 2017 leaf. Sense has not detected the leaf or openevse yet, we installed openevse in june 2018 and charge 3-4 times week

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It’s fairly easily to calculate, just take the usable capacity of the battery in kwh (readily available for every brand by a Google search), add around 15% on top of that for charging losses/overhead, and take that number and multiply it by your electricity cents per kwh cost. That will give you a rough estimate of a “fully depleted to fully charged” cost.

Then, if you’re only using (for example) half your battery on a daily basis, then just divide that number by 2.


My car is the REX model (range extender) and depending on the temperature outside my car might either have 9 miles of range left or on cold days my car might kick into range extend mode before i get home from work because i have run the batteries down to only 4 miles of range. once i get home I plug the car in and i might end up going out with the wife and kids once or several times later that day and usually several times during the weekend and i don’t pay attention to what percentage of the battery i use on a day to day basis. This is why i am mainly concerned about sense detecting my EV. I would really like to know what i spend on average each month charging my car as apposed to what i was spending on gas each month before i got the car.


I ran out a couple times today and these are the three charge cycles that my car had each time i plugged it in.


My leaf has been detected, but the slightest thing can trip it off. If it completes the charge cycle it misses a bunch of the tail end of the charge. Otherwise it can end an hour early.

Comparing to the chargepoint data the leaf detector has a long way to go in it’s development…

I’m noticing sense picking up only ~85% of the charge cycle.


Ugh… Well I am done with this device. The latest is that it is not detecting my EV 100%. Sense just has not performed to my satisfaction.
Time to look for an accurate solution.


My leaf has gotten more consistent in detection, it used to miss the start of the charge occasionally. However it still misses a good chunk of the trail off of the charge.

If your issue is missing the start of the charge cycle I’d say give it a bit more time.


I hate to hear that @mcclosky
I’ve been super critical of the device where I felt It has fallen short so I do understand your frustration.
How about other detections? Do you have any you are happy with?
You stated the EV was the latest, so there sounds like there have been other issues.
When I had been really unhappy a moderator suggested I take a break from watching or keeping an eye on Sense. It honestly did help and I even had a surprise detection after a couple days.
Sense doesn’t eat anything so just letting it sit there and do it’s thing won’t hurt anything. I’ve read posts as far back as a few years and it’s very clear to me that the entire Sense experience has improved dramatically over time. There are a few of us that have just stated this year with over 25 detections already. Whatever they are doing to make improvements has made big leaps in the last few months.
Not wanting to put the effort in right now is completely understandable but hope you don’t give up on it.
Take care

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Sense hasn’t detected my EV either and I am really looking forward to it being detected but in the mean time I did find out that my level 2 charger that I use at home actually tracks the amount of power used to charge the car so I’ve been keeping track of it that way over the past week and a half.

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Sense’s EV detection has been a little iffy. For a while it worked beautifully on our Model S, but not on the other 3 EVs/plugins. Now we’re down to 2 EVs on 220 chargers and one little-used plug-in on an HS-110. But the Tesla charging energy is easy to calculate with just the Sense Total Usage waveform:


Woke up this morning and got this sweet surprise from sense

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Are you on the latest Tesla firmware update? Some changes there have been negatively affecting our detection, so that may be a culprit. Check out the recent posts here: Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19