Device deletion?

So I’ve only had my Sense going on six weeks and have a dozen devices found. Out of the dozen I have four that are triggered by somewhat similar devices. So if a “found” device is triggered by two different appliances will they eventually be detected as two or is the evaluation process stopped once a device is confirmed? The bigger question is whether it’s suggested to delete devices that are suffering conflict or whether in time they’ll correct themselves? I have read similar questions in the forum, but with no decisive answer. Thank you for any feedback.

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So you’re getting a single device detection triggered in Sense but you should be getting two because two of the (same? different?) devices are setting it off? This may eventually get worked out by Sense, but the timeframe on that is uncertain. It’s sort of one these “it depends” scenarios where it’s all dependent on how Sense is interpreting what it’s finding and that takes into account the sort of devices these are. What devices are they? Six weeks is not a long time for Sense to be detecting with 100% reliability. I’d give it a bit more time to see what happens before you delete. There isn’t always a perfect answer for when to delete because it really depends on exactly what is happening in the background, but we have a Help article about device deletion that is our “official” answer:

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