Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19

Mainly speculation here without your home data, but did you previously charge your EV at 240V when it was detected @colin.fitzgerald2?

Nope we’ve always charged from the same plug and even roughly at the same time every day. We’ve never changed chargers or outlets even.

The reason it’s so weird is that Sense has worked phenomenally well for us otherwise. This is really one of maybe 5 devices it hasn’t detected.

@colin.fitzgerald2 interesting. The EV won’t be detected through a 120v charger as of yet. Since I’m only speculating here, can Data Science take a look at your home data to dive into this a bit more?

Ah I didn’t realize that Sense didn’t support standard outlet (120v) EV charging yet. That would make sense as to why it hasn’t been discovered yet.

You’re more than welcome to take a look at our data. Thanks!

I also just signed up for TeslaFi, so will be able to share future charging patterns as well

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I have my 120V charging of my Ford Fusion on an HS110 smart plug.

We’re expecting some issues with Model 3 detection following a recent Tesla firmware release.
Data Science is working to push out a device model update to address this. Once we have more information I will update this thread.


My Model 3 has not yet been detected. I charge almost daily at 240V 40A tesla charger. I’ve had sense for 6 months. Happy to provide data.

Hi @neketu, thanks for posting over here. I’ll be updating this thread once Data Science completes the updated models for the latest Model 3 firmware release from earlier this week. That could potentially solve this issue. If not, I’ll go ahead and pass your data along to Data Science.

@JustinAtSense I’m guessing the Tesla firmware release you are referring to is 2020.40.1 (which both of my Model 3s got last week), maybe this table of releases will help:
In case my charging setup is helpful, it’s all documented and pictured here.

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@JustinAtSense, thanks for alerting us to the possible change. One thing that might help us users out here is some kind acknowledgement that your data science guys know we have Model 3’s (or Leafs or whatever), plus know what current / voltage limits the car is charging the car against at home. Today we can input the EV Make and Model into the home inventory, but not the charge voltage and amperage limit. I’m guessing both of those data points might be useful to the data science team as well and would be easy to select with just a small addition to the Inventory UI.


Cool charging setup!

Thank you! Simple and affordable, safe and no maintenance. So far, concurrent EV charging, even with oven on, seems fine, but pretty tough for Sense to figure all that out. I wonder how long before new Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connectors allow the use of their WiFi for energy monitoring and/or utility control, or maybe even some sort of Sense integration someday…

That’s correct. For the major detection update threads and updates moving forward, would listing the firmware release version help?

Also, really cool charging set-up @pbraren. I like how simple this is. Someday when i’m no longer in an apartment, I will steal this concept for my future garage.

No problem, @kevin1. I already asked @pbraren below, but let me know if you think there’s a more helpful format for these types of updates moving forward.
In the meantime, I will share this with the Data Science team early next week during our touch-base.

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Final update here: We updated our Tesla M3 model’s on February 14th which should address the issues we saw with M3 detection following the 2020.40.1 Tesla Firmware update. A friendly reminder to please reach out to Support if you’re seeing consistent issues with Model 3 detection.

@JustinAtSense How do we get the version from February 14? this page says the latest firmware version was released January 21. I confirmed my Sense device has the version listed on that page: 1.25.2594-2927fdc1-master. This is also the latest version listed here:


Hey @timwood - this is a manual update from the Data Science team adjusting device modeling for M3’s, not a firmware update. Nothing you have to do on your end of things :slight_smile:.

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Just to be clear, I was asking for a better way to know that your data science guys know what kind of EV and charging configurations/limits we all have. I say that because right now, I only have one “detected” EV, but you guys should know from my Inventory that I have two. Plus your data science guys should also know that I charge one at max 80A and the other at max 48A, but there’s no way to specifically spell that part out today in the Inventory. I’m going to contact support about my Model 3 not showing up, even though it is in my inventory.

Thanks for clarifying, @kevin1. I can pass singular use cases along to DS. For ongoing cases of EV detection issues, is still the best option for identifying and resolving detection issues (as you mentioned above). Moving forward, I can ask for that contextual information in order to give Data Science a better idea of the issues at large for a specific user.

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