Device Detection Update: Device Updates!


The Sense team pushed some updates to the back end and one of them was supposed to help rename devices that Sense now felt more confident about. The not great part is that it seems to overwrite customer entered names vs just replacing either Sense generated labels or labels that are marked “is a guess”. I would chime in on the other thread and mention your problem and also file a ticket with support. I like that they are getting more confident with their naming, but i feel there should be some logic in the renaming function to only relabel if the above two conditions are met. Otherwise, just toss a notification about a possible new name, but don’t actually do it.



I have two devices renamed and I’m 100% sure sense is wrong. There is no easy backout of this renamed process so the information regarding model number appears to be lost. It seems that Sense is failing to learn and as time goes on it unlearns known devices. In my case it renamed a quartz heater to a coffee maker 2, I have one coffee maker already named. It decided a heater was a dishwasher and I don’t have a dishwasher. A confirmation or rollback is needed on this very poor feature.



I’m back :grinning:

Thanks for all of the feedback on this. We’ve had some great successes with the release, but, as you’re pointing to, some issues have arisen. We’re working on some fixes and plan to roll these out soon. These include:

  • Preventing auto-renaming of any connected devices (Hue bulbs, smart plugs, etc)
  • Preventing auto-renaming of any devices that you have already renamed, unless you have marked it as a guess in the Device Details screen.


Those sound like very sensible improvements to the auto-renaming feature. And they sound like ones the beta group would have demanded if this feature were rolled out there before general release :grimacing:

hint hint



That’s a fair point. We did discuss Beta for this but it’s tough one because there’s just no guarantee that users would see changes, nor any solid timeline of when those changes would occur. These aren’t happening manually. That makes for a difficult Beta process.



While this isn’t something a customer has much control over, a healthy discussion on the expected new behavior may have resulted in Q&A to catch and prevent this unfortunate event from transpiring. :beers:

“We plan on doing X, how would you feel if Y happened as a result?” :slight_smile:

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In my case, this new code didn’t rename a device. It deleted a known, confirmed and named device and discovered a new device. Early yesterday I was notified that Sense had discovered a heater. I found that this heater was in fact, my aquarium heater. It toggled on/off in sync 100% of the time. I named it and moved on. About an hour later I was notified that the device was renamed to furnace. I found that this new device is 100% in line with a gas furnace. Where did the aquarium heater go? One is a resistive load and the other is an inductive load. Not sure how those could be confused, but I’m pretty disappointed so far.



Can you write into Support about this?



Already done. #113882



Support must be really busy. It doesn’t appear that they read the text of my note very carefully. They closed the ticket as “solved”. I’d be happy to discuss this further if anyone has an interest.



Just wanted to let everyone know that bug fixes have been pushed out for both of these.


The Half Wattage issue

I’ve already posted about the combining feature. This needs to be something we are asked about instead of sense making the final decision. I lost two devices because of it.



Please bring this to the attention of the Support team, if you haven’t already.


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